FrenchPro4 - Nail Prep (Step #1)


FP4 – Step #1  NAIL PREP (15ML)

It is used to remove all of the debris and excess dust particles from the natural nails. As well as any excess oils using a lint-free wipe and cleanser.  FP4 Step#1 – Nail Prep will  dehydrate the nail and prepare for  optimal adhesion.  All Liquids purchased are non-refundable and/or non-exchangable.

FP4 – Step #2  BASE GEL (15ML)

This product is resin based and it is used as the second step.  FP4- Step#2 – Base Gel is applied on the nails one nail at a time and then immediately dipped directly in the powder.

FP4 – Step #3  ACTIVATOR (15ML)

This product is very important; when applied FP4-Step#3- Activator is like a sealer which speeds up the drying of the previous steps (dip powder & base gel). In less than 30 seconds the Activator will harden the surface of the nail, without the use of a LED/UV lamp.

FP4 – Step #4  FINISH GEL  (15ML)

This is the very last step and instructions on when and how to apply are extremely important in order to succeed with an amazing nail dip powder manicure.  You must remember to apply   FP4 – Step #4 FINISH GEL  onlyonce  you have completed all the previous FP4 steps of(Steps #1, #2 and#3) .

Note: . Re-apply FP4 – Step #3  ACTIVATOR  thinly to all 10 nails and allow to dry for 1 minute. Quickly apply one thin coat of FP4 – Step #4 FINISH GEL   to one hand, then immediately apply  a second coat of  FP4 – Step #4 FINISH GEL  on the same hand, this time slowly making sure to cover each nail and capping the free edge. Repeat same instructions for the second hand.

Allow for both hands to Air dry (approx... 2 minutes)

FP4 – Cuticle Oil (15ml)

This Vitamin e - Cuticle oil is the ultimate last  touch of your FrenchPro4 manicure. Enjoy! Apply to all 10 fingers and slowly massage it in around the cuticle area.

FP4 – Brush Cleanerl (15ml)

This product will allow you to maintain and remove excess of unwanted product on your brush.  Place the brush into the Brush Cleaning Solution for approx.. 10 minutes , wipe clean and re-use.


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