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Maria Critikou, Co-Founder and Official Nail Art Educator of FrenchPro4 Manicure  Products

FRENCH PRO4 Manicure

For seven years, we have actively stayed true to our goal of serving the beauty needs of today's woman. We are FRENCHPRO4 Manicure, the home of innovative and creative manicure products.

Beauty came with significant costs for too long. Women who wanted their nails perfectly done had to spend hours at the manicurist. The nail industry also made a lot of “small” sacrifices in the pursuit of beauty, making products with harmful materials that can make nails unhealthy over time. Over the years, the industry has become more safety and convenience conscious. We are proud to be part of that positive change.

FRENCHPRO4 Manicure offers beauty without significant costs. Beauty can be achieved without sacrificing health and productivity, and our products define this fact. Our products offer the best of the beauty and health worlds.

We save women the long hours required to get manicures with our kits. Our products are a functional means of nail art and beauty expression. With FRENCHPRO4 dip manicure kits, which are available in a wide range of colors and styles, every woman can get professional manicures in their homes in no time. The kits are particularly easy to use.

Our dip nail manicure kits are produced according to the highest standards in this industry. We do not include harmful materials in the manufacture of our dip kits, and their application does not require UV light. Also, we do not apply animal testing because we believe in beauty without cruelty. Our kits are also durable, developed to handle the stress of everyday living.

The 21st-century woman deserves stylish, safe and durable nails. We are committed to serving the 21st-century woman, meeting beauty needs with healthy products. Healthy nails are a top priority of FRENCHPRO4 Manicure. We believe in beauty without pain.




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