mars 08, 2020

You must have either stumbled on this on Instagram or any other social media or might have heard it from a friend or friends and you might be wondering, “What exactly is this acrylic nail dipping system?
Here is something for you:



Acrylic nail dipping system is the use of enhancement for nails, produced or made by combining an ultra-fine powder and a resin liquid called Base Gel. Together, the ultra-fine powder is absorbed into the Base Gel. By doing this, several layers later you are building the structure of the natural nail or applying on a nail tip. Once this dipping process is complete you apply the activator and allow the nails to dry, the material gets hard and stronger. It can then be buffered by the technician and shaped to the customers taste.

FrenchPro4 Manicure is the most innovative technology that requires no form of curing under UV light whatsoever. You still get the amazing sassy matte or shiny look you so desire.

The nail dipping system we offer is the answer to your prayers for a long-lasting manicure. This is because, with this system, you get more than just a manicure. You get a flexible, long-lasting and protective nail, and above all your natural nail get stronger and grows faster Using our acrylic nail dipping system means you’re free from further breakage to your natural nails, you are also free from nails stunted growths. Unlike other polish, the dip nail system won’t peel or chip. 



It’s no news to women how painful it is to smudge your eyeliner accidentally after you’ve perfected your eye cat shape, or walking around with chipped nail polish. Most of us have spent a lot of cash on gel manicures to avoid chipped nail and as a result, my nails have been cracked and fragile. Here are some reasons why you a need a dip nail manicure. Dip nail manicure products are made with less chemical components. These products are made without harsh chemicals and will prevent your natural nail from harm. With this, there will be literally no damaged caused to the nail bed, leaving your natural nail to grow longer and stronger underneath the dipped nail system.

Secondly, with the use of the dip nail technique, you get the perfect and natural-looking thin nails. As you can see, if you don’t like the weight on your fingers, or you have thick nails, you can get an acrylic nail dipping manicure  as they are comfortable to wear.Furthermore, in places such as hospitals or food environment, being seen with long nails is being considered as unhygienic. Dip nails can also be an enhancement over your short natural nails. With this, you can maintain the required professional image that may be required of you on the job.

There are a lot of reasons why you should consider using the nail dipping system.



You can expect the lifespan of a dip nail manicure to last anywhere from 3-5 weeks or longer.








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